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Welcome to 2010! We look forward to working with you again this year and hope it is a great year for you all, despite the uncertain economy around us. We have lots of exciting new products on the way to keep all the audiologists busy and the users happy! If you need any further information on our new products or need any advice please feel free to contact us.


At Danavox we strive to provide a quality service to our clients as well as to hearing impaired people throughout South Africa. By ensuring our hearing aids are always of the highest quality and backed by international research and development, we can help to improve the lives of all of those with hearing impairments. Our audiologist and technical staff are only a phone call away and are always happy to help.

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 An award winning hearing aid is now available! be by ReSound is a revolutionary hearing aid, completely invisible and extremely comfortable with unsurpassed clarity and natural sound quality.  

Unlike anything seen before in hearing aids, be is so small nobody will know you are wearing it and due it special design, it will be so comfortable that even you will forget its in your ear. Big and bulky hearing aids are a thing of the past and with its edgy design and advanced technology you will be sure to be using it all day everyday!



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